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About Bonny Babes

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Bonny babes is invested in children and families. We are always reflecting on what we do and how we do it. Bonny Babes wants the best for your children.

We are a centre with an ongoing vision for children and families. We are all about supporting children in their education and setting them up for future success. All of us get one chance at childhood and Bonny Babes aims to ensure that the time a child spends with us will be filled with  fun, laughter and joy, times that will create life long memories.

 Guided by the nationally recognised ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ (EYLF) curriculum, we adhere to principles, practice and outcomes leading to being, belonging and becoming, essential to support and enhance young children in their learning and transition to school.

The framework places a strong emphasis on play-based learning and provides the most appropriate stimulus for brain development.  It also recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) as well as social and emotional

Our Mission

To promote a quality safe, educational and stable environment which is responsive to all children, Educators and family needs. We promote an environment that is filled with love and caring and one that is productive to learning in all areas.


For all children to have a positive start in life and to nurture a life long love of learning. To promote fun, love and joy that creates life long memories. Our commitment to families and children is one of consistency and stability which fosters children’s cultural, spiritual and emotional needs ensuring future success.

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Testimonials About Bonny Babes

Bonny Babes has been a great childcare centre for our Ilaria! It has great facilites, teachers and role models for our child. Ilaria has made so many great friends and built trust with her teachers during her 4 years at Bonny Babes Hope Island. We would also like to mention that its great to see a centre that offers Organic meals for only a small fee, it takes the pressures of parents having to prep meals everyday! Thanks again, Daniel.



We wanted to add our sincere and total appreciation to Bonny Babes (Bonnie in particular) and all the staff including yourself for being an important part of both our little girls story through early childhood care and education.

Tahlika and now Summer-Jade have made many friends, experienced fantastic carers such as Holly, Steph, Tash and Lane (to name a few who have made an impression for our princesses, but acknowledging all the other carers) and they have learnt and experienced so much.

Chester & Michelle

Chester & Michelle

Bonny Babes Parents